Implementing and supporting technology can be a burden for any business owner. Time spent learning new technical skills or attempting to fix problems that are outside of your scope can cause frustration. We are I.T. professionals, masters of problem solving, computing advisors, and technology authorities. Our goal is to improve upon and streamline your business technology and services.

Our vision is to provide our clients with innovative solutions that empower and drive their business forward. We leverage and utilize technology for businesses so they may achieve their goals and in turn better serve their customers. We provide our clients with efficient, cost effective, and scalable solutions to meet their ever growing technology needs.

Founded in 2017, Convergent Systems, LLC has history stretching back to the mid-1990s; our previous iterations focusing on computer consulting and web development. As technology has advanced over the years, so has Convergent Systems, adding a wealth of technology bureaus under its banner to increase support for local and remote based businesses. Today, we continue to operate in Pinehurst and provide “Everything I.T.” to our customers, enabling them to grow and expand their businesses through the use of technology.



Whether your entire business is in house, in the cloud, or a mixture of both, our team can support you. We are skilled at deployment, migration, monitoring, and support for any and all types of solutions, including integration with legacy systems. From web hosting, to server virtualization, to Amazon Web Services, to Office 365 & Azure, and much more, Convergent Systems staff are experts in the field of Cloud, Hybrid, and On-Prem solutions.

Business continuity, disaster recovery, and security of your systems are of paramount importance to your business and your sensitive data. Through implementation of best practices in security to safeguard your business and data, we design strategies to minimize downtime and data loss. Using our expertise, we build backup and restoration solutions in order to keep your data safe and secure, as well as insure that your business reduces the impact from hardware and data failures.

Our robust security systems and software provide you with security across the board from the internal and external threats of malware, ransomware, viruses, and other malicious programs.

We provide fully managed services to our clients who require an IT Department or Virtual CTO. In this capacity, Convergent Systems acts on behalf of your company to provide you with a fully operational department. Our professional team is well versed in management of your systems, full support, and dedicated monitoring. This includes everything your business relies on, including infrastructure, networking, systems, applications, databases, web development, general support, 3rd party provider support, and more.

In addition, we provide a la carte tech support for Everything I.T. Whether you are having trouble with your desktop, laptop, web site, server, Wi-Fi, or any technology in between, we can assist you. We are certified partners of most major corporate brands in IT in order to bring you better pricing and dedicate support for your devices and systems. From purchase, to design and build, deployment, maintenance, and support, our team has you covered.

Systems and network management incorporate a very broad spectrum of the Information Technology field. We manage all aspects and functions of your WAN, LAN, and WiFi network all the way up to enterprise data center management, including optimization, maintenance, and fine tuning. We will assist you in custom designing your network to suit your employee, client, and resource requirements. When designing your systems we select the best in class providers, hardware, and software to fit your business rules and objectives.

From hosting your web site to building your web site, Convergent Systems has you covered. We have been building websites since the mid-90s, and we provide design, functionality, and custom solutions for your online presence. We have the capacity to build everything from a standard business site to e-commerce, events, services, and much more. Explore our portfolio to learn about our past, current, and future web projects.

Additionally, social Media and communication outlets play a key role in today’s world for business marketing and advertising. We develop marketing strategies and tactics that enable your business to increase awareness of your products and services. Through targeted advertising, coupled with broad spectrum marketing goals, we help spread your message across cyberspace. We also provide metric reporting so you can see firsthand how our campaigns translate into your return on investment.

Keeping your WordPress website at full optimal levels can be a daunting task. Utilizing our custom management platform, CoeuSphere, client WordPress sites are backed up, maintained, and optimized on a daily basis. We scan for critical vulnerabilities and employ state of the art security modules to help keep your site secure.

Our monitoring service and performance metrics enable your site to maintain presence and continued operations for your clients. We have monthly and yearly package plans available.

Information Technology

Are you ready to elevate your IT and learn more about our solutions?

Information Technology Transformation

Transform Technical Challenges into Business Opportunities

I.T. Transformation is the process by which businesses allow technology to solve traditional problems encountered in business. Coupled with our Managed Services, we align our business customers to focus on what is important to them – running their business. There’s no need for a business owner to learn web development, desktop support, networking, and programming. We are the experts in those fields, let us handle I.T. for you while you focus on maturing your business. Let us transform your business and realize your full potential. The impact technology can have on your operations is profound and fulfills your opportunities while increasing your bottom line and return on investment.


Why Choose Convergent Systems?

Business Alignment
Business Alignment
We align your technology goals with our resources and allow our customers to focus on running their business. We handle I.T. for you while you focus on growing and maturing your business.
Strategic Solutions
Strategic Solutions
From managing your WAN, LAN, and Wi-Fi networks, systems and devices, web, and other assets, we optimize your tech. We design custom systems from the ground upto suit your employee, client, and resource requirements.
I.T. Transformation
I.T. Transformation
Through I.T. Transformation, we are able to develop and rapidly deploy new systems, optimize resources, control costs, and deliver the best possible customer experiences.
Return on Investment
Return on Investment
The impact technology can have on your operations is profound and fulfills your opportunities while increasing your bottom line and return on investment.