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Case Study: Local Realtor Firm

Prior to engaging Convergent Systems’ services, this client was averaging 3-5 support incidents per week. There was no centralized management, no documentation, and repetitive network issues with bandwidth, capacity, and stability. In addition, there were ongoing, recurring desktop and laptop issues that had been identified but left unresolved by the previous support provider.

Within two months of employing Convergent Systems, LLC, we were able to reduce incidents per month to less than 3, which mostly consist of operator issues and procedural questions/events. We centralized their network management and backups by deploying a new server, increased capacity on the network by implementing managed switches and a high capacity router, and expanded the WiFi network using distributed Access Points. Additionally, we documented all inventory on the network, documented all processes, and instituted new policies such as security and disaster recovery in order to insure the safety of the network and its users going forward. Our team also provided end user training to increase user efficiency and reduce further incidents on a monthly basis. Finally, we looked at bandwidth on the network and we were able to identify a better package with their Internet Service Provider thereby reducing their monthly cost. Overall, we were able to reduce their IT support spend by over 40% per month and increase efficiency and stability on their network.