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Check Point Software, a industry leader in cybersecurity, has released their predictions for 2022. Their full article is available here.

Some highlights and focus areas that Convergent Systems safeguards against are:

Ransomware and Supply Chain Attacks
Ransomware has emerged as a top threat in the global network community, hacker groups are no longer satisfied with wreaking havoc on computers and networks, now they hold companies hostage for money. That is their driving force and without proactive measure in place to stop them, or backup methods in place to recover, businesses suffer monetary and productivity losses.

Data Breaches
Every business fears data breaches when their most sensitive information is destroyed, compromised, or leaked to the general public. Having a solid defense on your network, website, and devices is mission critical.

Misinformation campaigns
Deception can run rampant on the Internet, from fake news, phishing scams, and social engineering. Educating your team, staff, and user base to these potential missteps and misinformation can go a long way towards safeguarding your business.

Service attacks
Hacker groups will at times target specific services of your business, whether it is email, your website, your on-premise or cloud servers, or individual devices. Having a comprehensive plan in place will help safeguard your data, your equipment and services all under one banner.

How secure is your business? If you’re not able to answer that question, contact us today!

  • Information Technology Managed Services, Pinehurst, NC