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Security and Privacy

Ask yourself a question: what is your data worth to you? If you answered priceless, you are correct. Your company’s data is your lifeblood and must be safeguarded at all costs and against all threats. The team at Convergent Systems has extensive backgrounds and skill sets in all aspects of cybersecurity. We take every precaution and plan for every attack vector, eventuality, and mishap, in order to secure your data and your business; preparedness and proactive response are the end goals. We take a multi-level approach so that the physical, logical, training, and business aspects of security are covered in your custom security plan and policies.

Security Audits

Our team is well versed in industry standard audits and have played key roles in leading our clients through complex audit preparations and requirements. We work hand in hand with our clientele to insure that their audits run smoothly and do not interrupt their normal daily operations.

Audit, Compliance, and Privacy Areas

GDPR Compliance

HIPAA Audits and Compliance

ISO Compliance

PCI DSS Compliance

SEC Audits and Compliance