The US is ramping up against hacker groups

From TechRepublic:
“The United States has taken another significant legal step in its battle against ransomware. On Monday, the US Department of Justice announced formal charges against two foreign nationals for their role in deploying REvil ransomware attacks against organizations throughout the country. Based on the indictments, the two individuals accessed the networks of their intended victims and used the Sodinokibi/REvil ransomware to encrypt sensitive data and hold it hostage.”

According to some reports, ransomware strikes 12,000 times per day against US based assets – corporate, personal, and small business. This article from TechRepublic – “US amps up war on ransomware with charges against REvil attackers” show how severe and widespread these malicious hacker are, and how they are constantly evolving. The US is making progress and companies like Convergent Systems are at the forefront of the battle, protecting our clients from malicious intrusion. We recently assisted a company with a ransomware attack that was crippling to say the least, more on that in a future post.

Read the full article from TechRepublic here